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Moto Sasaki wins C3 Jam in Shizuoka

Congratulations to Moto Sasaki who yesterday won the C3 Jam in Shizuoka, Japan! Hiroya Morizaki won the best trick contest, and I hear Simon O’Brien was competing as well! Hopefully we don’t have to wait lonf for some footage! Results below…

Open Class.
Moto Sasaki
Yuu Yamamoto
Nao Yoshida

Expert Class.
Hiroki Uchiyama
Shiya Orikawa

Best Trick Winner.
Hiroya Morizaki

Throwback Thursdays – Tim Knoll 2007

The darkside magic unfolds from 00:06, hit play to watch Tim Knoll do his thing back in 2007!

Gergely Szajer – X foot Link

xfoot link from Gergely Szajer on Vimeo.

Tech, Tech! Love this new clip Gergely Szajer shredding at the LVR spot in Koln, Germany! Whole lot going on in a short time in this one! Yes Gergely!

Adam Kun wins Flatdance in Slovakia

Phew what a weekend! Its hard to keep up! Congratulations to Adam on winning the Flatdance in Slovakia. Martin Drazil got 2nd place spot and Dom 3rd.

1st Adam Kun
2nd Martin Drazil
3rd Dominik Nekolny

David Szabo qualifies First – AM Flatland

Here are the qualifying results from yesterdays AM Flat qualification. Am flat finals going down today in about an hour. Stay tuned for the results.

1 David Szabo [Hungary]
2 Pal Varga [Hungary]
3 Michal Kupec [Czech republik] Big Shock! energy drink, VANS, G-Shock,
4 Varo Hernandez [Spain] Too Zhink, Action Wheels
5 Michele Maiolani [Italy]
6 Kaan Geylani [Turkey] HKK BMX SHOP
7 Jussi Laukkanen [Finland]
8 Isaer Vladimir Sergeerich [Russia]
9 Erik Moyers [Holland]
10 attila Bereczki [Hungary]
11 Jenza Kamai [Italy] Anthill Project
12 TiMo Quitter [Deutschland]
13 Missael Santos [Brasil]
14 aran gillan [Ireland]
15 Thore Saggau [Germany] Cyclus Clothing
16 minghao Li [England]
17 Kevin Brill [Germany]
18 aapo Airas [Finland]
19 saku kaarnanen [finland] Rockstar Energy Drink, Gshock
20 Johann Chan [Birmingham] emer900, 20 the biker’s bible
21 Benedict pfriem [Deutschland] Schickeria BMX
22 Lajos Sinko [Ungarn]
23 Gino stuart [Netherlands]
24 Michael Piccolo [Italy] Calle Marconi
25 murat Özdemir [Turkey] cino organization
26 Attila Bordacs [Hungarn]
27 Tobias Müller [Deutschland]
28 Markus Schwital [Germany]
29 Dong ho lee [Korea]
30 Lucas Santos [Brazil]
31 Jean Michel Chauvel [France]
32 Roman Kirsching [Deutschland] Schickeria-Bmx
33 Anders Milberg [Sweden] Stahlherz,
34 Malte Orth [Germany] Big-Lebowski
35 Omar Lammers [Netherlands]
36 collin van assendeft van wijck [Netherlands]
37 jorrit van drumpt [Netherlands]
38 Kevin Fessenmeyer [France]
39 Gabor Szitas [Hungary]
40 Ruud Buschers [Netherlands]
41 Kiran Kertochiro [Netherlands]
42 Thomas LeGrand [France] keywest
43 Tayfun balkan [Turkey] hkk bmx shop
44 Francois Desgain [Belgium]
45 Michael veit [Germany] motorsport cerkaski witten
46 Marco Benevento [Switzerland]

Guelo – Madrid 2013

Guelo kills the hang 5 360 pivot to halfpacker in his new edit. Madrid represent!

Shintaro Misawa – The sixth sense

From the look of these videos of Shintaro’s progression on the back wheel, his riding is so well thought out. Really seems to be some calculated progression theory going on, watch back at his last edit, you may follow what I mean! The backwards spinning lawn to inside gliding switch – b at 4:20, so stylish!!

Eugeny Neretin – Russian Underground

Nice flow from Eugeny Neretin from Russia, thanks to Waldemar Fatkin for sending this one in!

Tsutomu Kitayama wins Shonan Bicycle Festival 2013

Congratulations to Tsutomu Kitayama for winning the annual Shonan Bicycle Festival yesterday! Really stoked Syuichi Osada got second place followed by Moto Sasaki. You can peep the rest of the results below! Cannot wait for the videos from this event!

1st Tsutomu Kitayama
2nd Syuichi Osada
3rd Moto Sasaki
4th Takahiro Ikeda
5th Yoshihiro Shinde

1st Atsushi Katou
2nd Takao Haneda
3rd Kazuki Udagawa

1st Fuga Horiba
2nd Kiminori Iinuma
3rd Soutaro Arai

1st Yu Syouji
2nd Gakt Ooshima
3rd Ibuki Koumoto


New Year GenSan Trip by Paulo Gepulango

New Year GenSan Trip from Paulo Gepulango on Vimeo.

Paulo just published his 3rd edit for this year of 2013:

Check out this holiday vibe edit, it features our trip (Paulo & Honey) from Hometown Bacolod City to Iloilo and General Santos City here in the Philippines.
If your ever in the area. Here are the Spots Paulo filmed at: Iloilo airport, Gensan Public plaza, Gensan City hall, Gensan Oval, Mindanao State University, Dadiangas, Labus Uhaw, SM City Gensan, Calda Pizza house, Jolibee, Olaer Natural Spring Resort.