Haro Rico 2015

Late in 2015, some of the Haro team visited Puerto Rico for an end-of-year getaway.

Island vibes and good times with Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Jason Watts, Mike Gray, Tyler Fernengel, Maxime Charveron and Matthias Dandois. MD throws a few nice lines in this one!

Matthias also took his camera on the trip, you can check some nice photographs over on the Endless Mag website:


Battle in the Rockies 2015 Day 1


Yesterday I spent the day travelling to Denver, Colorado for the second annual Battle in the Rockies contest via Toronto, Canada. This trip is the beginning of three weeks off work, ending just after Level Vibes. Last year’s BITR was one of the best and most fun events I have ever attended, with the riders all staying at James McGraw’s house, it really did have a great feel and it’s something I will remember forever. Will James ride with his broken ankle?


James picked me up from the airport, and we headed to his workplace/riding spot he calls the Tintadome for a quick session with a few locals. One of my questions was immediately answered, James is riding with a broken ankle, taped up styles, and killed it at his spot considering his ankle.
Martti,Moto and Joe Cicman arrive later on today, Simon O’Brien is already in town for his brothers wedding, Dub and Jason Plourde arrive Thursday! We should be heading over to the contest venue in Denver later today. It’s a lovely day here in the Rockies!Feedback was good last year from my daily updates, so check back for plenty of updates from BITR!

Pistolero Jam by One Love

pistolerojam from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Darin Wright over at One Love in Nor Cal just sent in this tight edit and repo link from the Pistolero Jam in Long Beach, California last weekend featuring great riding from the likes of Simon O’Brien, Tim Knoll, Masashi Itani, Rich Slezak, Bobby Carter amongst others, hit the link below for the repo!


Kobe & Osaka BMX tour 2015

I must say this every time I see a grassroots japanese edit, but this really is what it’s all about! Hiroki Uchiyama kindly sent in this awesome “Kobe & Osaka BMX tour 2015”, I picked a few personal highlights but you definitely want to watch this the whole way through!

Ill at 4:10 – Slow controlled backwards manual to forwards manual into super slow caboose body varials, amazing to watch!

Keisuke Tanigawa – Killer xft combos from 4:43.

Miura – Back wheel japanese legend, fresh footage from 5:48. So much style and crazy pivots!

Moto Sasaki – Real City Spin Pro Finals

During the Real City Spin finals we all witnessed a moment where Moto Sasaki seemed to be unconcerned about winning the battle with Matthias Dandois and more about nailing the trick he wanted. The trick in question was a hitchhiker kick flip to backpacker, many have already said Justin Miller already did it but if you look closely this is a different variation than Justin’s… Jim McKay put together this awesome edit of the trick go down plus the crash that resulted in Moto cutting just above his eye and continuing (2:21), this is Rocky type stuff, and as many have already said a moment they will never forget. Much respect Moto!

Williams Pérez wins Start Combat Latinoamerica


Congratulations to Williams Perez who won the Start Combat Latinoamerica in Lima, Peru this past weekend, followed on the podium by Romulo Guerra from Brazil, and Isaias Beltran from Colombia! This was the first time a championship has been held in Peru with international riders in attendance. Check the results below!

1° Williams Perez (Pe)
2° Romulo Guerra (Br)
3° Isaias Beltran (Col)
4° Francisco Pequeno (Br)
5° Pedro Nascimiento (Br)
6° Esteban Salinas (Pe)
7° Raul Puccio (Pe)
8° Leibniz Fiestas (Pe)
9° Alejandro Guerrero (Col)
10° Pedro Luz Santos (Br)
11° Osama Fabian Perez (Cl)
12° Victor Gonzales (Col)