AFA Round 1 – Pro Class

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Just over an hour and a half of raw contest footage from the Pro Class at the AFA Round 1. You can watch Jean William Prevost’s flawless winning ride on the second video at the 15:25 mark, incredible. So much good riding went down, when you have spare time it is one to watch for sure!

George Kikos – Sunny Day

George Kikos gets back to riding at one of the most picturesque riding spots we see regularly here on Flatmattersonline. In this “sunny days” edit George goes back to some moves he’s forgotten about including the steamboat to crackpacker that got a few of us talking on Paulo Gepulango’s Orginal Ride in post on tuesday, bars regular rather than backwards at the 1:22 mark.

Must Watch – Keelan Phillips / Nozza Life

I have a lot of respect for riders who take a trick and push that move as far as they possibly can, the results are often amazing and truly help push our sport forward. Most recently, Hidenori Ishizaki continues to push the backwards backyard position as far as possible in his amazing ZAI12 that we featured just a few days ago and today…

Keelan Phillips continues to push the multiple nose manual g-turn to new horizons that was filmed in,as always with edits that I give the “Must Watch” tag I like to highlight what stood out for me.

00:19: Nose Manual fire hydrant whip one kick vadar scuff nose 360 whiplash to spinning half hiker, the execution and aesthetics of this line are so point!

00:42: Half cab nose to 1080 g turn nose fire hydrant whip vadar out. Arms of steel!

00:51: Possibly my favourite line, long carved nose wind into 360 nose vadar scuff to multiple ET nose g turns kicking the tyre on each 360 whip to spinning cliff to down whip tail whip out!

1:43: This line is so complex, multiple nose g turns without scuffs, then with, flow and style for days!Amazing edit that I have had to watch several times already to describe what he’s doing, thanks for this one Keelan! 2017 is already going off!

Jeff Scheer – 43-30 Extras

43-30 Extras from Jeff Scheer on Vimeo.

Amazing leftovers edit from Jeff Scheer’s 43-30 edit last night, here Jeff gives a lil’ info in the extras edit, plus you can check the 43-30 edit below also for reference. So good!

“Here’s some extra clips that I did not use in my previous 43-30 Video. All filming was from 2015. Some of it shows tricks leading up to what I included in 43-30, such as learning backwards stem boomerangs regular and opposite in order to hit the backwards stem boom rebate included in 43-40. Hope you enjoy! And if you have not seen 43-30, check it out…”

43-30 Jeff Scheer from Jeff Scheer on Vimeo.