Chad Degroot commercial on decobmx

Chad is awesome, had lot of fun hanging out with this guy when we were both on Haro, enjoy this!!

Chad DeGroot commercial on from Chad DeGroot on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Chad Degroot commercial on decobmx

  1. Degroot did that two footed dump truck round theback to xft upside down so long I forgot all about that, sick! You can see what an influence he's had on the Japanese scene…

  2. Chad rules he's a great all rounder and a real character , his riding throughout the Baco vids,Ells Bells vid's,Poor Boy vids,Standard Vids etc has been groundbreaking all that Dark Stuff stuff in 94 was off the hook nice guy loved his riding in Baco 4 and his street/park riding nowadays has that flatland influence .

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