Chad Johnston drops in with some news!

Chad got in contact right after I dropped the flatmatters exclusive the other day, hes got some news to share with the flatland community. read on!

1.) After months of working with S&M I’ve officially been added to the flow team, stoked. We’re working on some signature parts that cater to riders looking for something responsive and reliable. We’re on the third prototype bars and second stem, they’ll be available after we finish testing, should be soon. More products will follow.

2.) I just recently finished filming my first pegless dvd section (previous pegless edits were for web) for Dane Beardsleys “Same Thing Daily 2” which premieres this month in Athens, Ga. Stoked to be included in this project, I’ve got much respect for every rider in this video.

3.) I’m also starting to work on another video with Martti Kuoppa, no name or details yet, but you know it’s going to be sick. I’ve got a couple clips from Martti already and they’re bangers.

4.) One last thing, another video project is in the concept stage with Tomi at Sevisual. Expect an Sevisual/inTRIKat collaboration in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Chad Johnston drops in with some news!

  1. Thanks for sharing this with flatmatters Chad! Lot of exciting projects coming up. Its awesome you are riding for S&M, reach a bigger market, crossover appeal, etc. And martti's solo project!!!! Ah shittt!!!!

  2. The collaboration between Sevisual and inTRIKat would be really awesome.
    And I can't wait to see that Martti's solo project !!

  3. S& M always been an admirer of there products and like Effraim said this will reach a wider audience and open people's eyes etc,great stuff.

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