22 thoughts on “Chad Johnston-Welcome to S&M Pro!

  1. WOW! So much good stuff in it!! And that last trick, damn, will take some time to digest!! Congrats Chad and much respect for everything!

  2. A few people have asked privately, “Chad pro?”, he already was pro (level), with a company such as S&M, they regard the guys they are paying salary as professional, this is an awesome and well deserved step up for chad!
    Interestingly enough for me, is that Chad has reached this “pro” status without entering many contests, but he does get a lot of coverage in the US magazines, and his video parts are legendary. This part right here here is pretty damn serious! Well done Chad!

  3. Congrats to Chad! Awesome riding and an awesome dude!

    I wonder how far he will take standing on the fork leg? Looks like hitchikers are a possibility…..

  4. Awesome and without pegs the elbow glide was the nuts ,love that framestand megaspin reminds me of myself as i do that trick 🙂

  5. Congrats to Chad! Nice video part. Was doing inside elbow glides just the other day. Of course I have pegs.. Chad on the fork is dope!!

    Always great to see a Flatland rider get a salary from a BMX company.

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