Chase Gouin: BMXicos 1998

Before Cream Magazine, there was the BMXicos posse that ran a print magazine and produced a few videos included this great one featuring Chase Gouin, that includes interview, great riding footage and Chase explaining each line as it goes down around the 2:21 mark! This is well worth your attention, I don’t feel many across the globe will have seen this, so I will stager the posts out today to give this one some time….

12 thoughts on “Chase Gouin: BMXicos 1998

  1. So holds up. Lines at 12:00 and 16:30 are unreal. Freestyle always, but pro brake user takes off brake is a noble and rewarding path.

  2. WOW. My first time ever seeing this video. The combo he pulls at around the 13:00 minute mark is damn near insane. How did this clip get so under the radar? And he just explained his combos so matter-of-factly, it’s almost like breathing to him. What Chase stated in the first 3 minutes regarding those who ride only for fame still rings true. Perhaps Chase should become a coach like Martti, just my final thought.

    • If you haven’t seen No Hitch Hikers, which came out in or about 2000, you’ll see, just what riding’s about & a maestro that Chase is. Then there’s Scot Powell’s section which is also awesome. Both greats of flat. Speed to burn by Chase in tha & l still watch that til this day.

  3. While it’s debatable, in my view, Chase may have surpassed Kevin in some ways. Yes, Kevin created or co created much, but l think Chase took it up, several notches.

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