Chase Gouin & Flat Bonus – Chasing the View off the Cliff / 1994

Stoked to start the week with this amazing section from one of the all time greats! Whether it’s 1993 or 2017, Chase Gouin’s riding is timeless and you will be stoked on Chase’s aggressive, ambidextrous skills. Bonus riding from the Oklahoma and Chicago BS contests featuring Ross Smith, Chad Degroot, Day Smith and Bill Nitschke. You can catch up on the the rest of the footage from over “Chasing the View off the Cliff” on:

9 thoughts on “Chase Gouin & Flat Bonus – Chasing the View off the Cliff / 1994

  1. Hang 10 stepover to Halfpacker from Chase? Word… love it when pre-internet stuff from the 90’s pops up online, I missed out on all the cool progression between 89-94.

  2. Don’t know why….but im baffled by him riding in those terrible airwalk ones. I think they may have sponsored the sprocket jockeys. so not chase.

  3. MENTAL=TIMES 7 !!!!!!! THREE BRAKELESS flips or TWITCHES as Chase called them in that SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMEEED combo starting at 1.54 !!!! Hes TOP 5 EVER to DO our art form to me !!! STILL remember Thanks Giving night 1991 , meeting / riding with him . He was at Vert / Mini ramp legends , Eben Krakaus casa for holiday !!! He taught me Mc circles THAT night………………………..then the 4 of us watched him F-KN DESTROY the pavement in a H.E.B parking lot with decades to gerators , side packer FLIPS , BACKWARDS hiker jugglers , HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHH speed X-LEG lashes , TRIPLE decades OUT of combos , CHRISTMAS TREEcades STALLLLLLLLLLLLLEEED , THE hang ten step over to half packers ULTRAMAN ZOFFY mentioned , freak squeak whips to FRAME spinning tomahawks , etc . etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED this section !!!!!!!!!! Made my day !!!!!

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