2 thoughts on “Chase Gouin – Southbank, London 1994

  1. Those first TWO side yard flips , bar small AND regular , yes they were BRAKELESSLY flipped !!! So precise / fast / clean ……………….unless youre a flatland analyzing geek like me ……you will miss THIS !!! HAHAHAHAHAHA !! F-K man , I LOVE his riding from this era !! He was SO immersed in exploring / learning / progressing his riding to the FULLEST as he ALWAYS was since the move to York . So AHEAD of the game , fire hydrant , POP STRAIGHT to forward rope ice cream , OPPY smith decade exit , that you CAN TELL where TOTALLY freestyled in a SPLIT second , COMPLETLY improvised , MENTAL !!! His mind / body ,just SYNCHED together with his BIKE !!! THANK YOU Lincoln , THIS made my day mate , MORE ??!! PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE sir !!!!!

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