Chase Gouin update!

Great to hear Chase is making a recovery after 3 years off his bike and riding again, you can read the full update on the Odyssey website, hit the link below…

“I am reasonably confident enough to now say that i have made significant improvement in all areas relating to my illnesses. I have practiced for hours at a time for days in a row recently, without any symptoms returning. I hope that this little bit of tentative good news will become a consistent reality for me. I plan on continuing to ride and get most of my basic tricks back, as well as come up with some different variations, both of which I have already done with some success within only one week of my abrupt start to regular practice after nearly 3 years. Hopefully a short video edit will soon follow.”

22 thoughts on “Chase Gouin update!

  1. Hey guys,

    I will interview Chase for a radio show in the following weeks. It will be an interview where you will be able to participate by posting your questions. I will make the post on global when I get home and it’s going to be called “ask Chase Gouin anything.” Chase and I will select the best questions for the interview

  2. Chase takes off his brakes, everyone copies. Chase puts a coaster brake on, we’ll see. Don’t bite, it’s not polite. Psyched to see what he comes up with though.

  3. This gets 20 comments and counting , UK world flat championships Bristol edit by Sal gets 1 comment just goes to show whats important and popular in the eyes of FM user’s the proofs in the pudding , go Chase legend and lovely guy to boot great to see him back after a hell of a bad time ,stoked on this .

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