14 thoughts on “Chase Gouin – York PA 1993

  1. Is so sick Pete! Theres so much to this whole edit, where do you begin really? The whiplash lines? Backwards decade to switch foot gerator, all that front wheel bar flip stuff was brand new at the time, looks like the scene was unreal in York PA around this time period!

  2. The crazy thing is that was just everyday riding. Seriously. His riding was at that level of intensity every session. I can remember it so clearly. I knew it was unreal but then again, it also looked normal. I guess I was desensitized. Looking back at it now, I am amazed at the energy he put out. Does anyone ride that hard anymore? Also, Chase isn’t a natural at freestyle. He worked for every damn thing he ever did. Give him the credit for that.

  3. 4:51 Kevin Cunningham from OHio with the high speed rolling walkover. We were at this years York Jam and Chase was at the top of his game. It was just ridiculous to watch! So good. Thanks for posting.

  4. That was sick…. real sick! I’m surprised no one has no one has really integrated a lot more of these concepts into riding today. I supposed Simon O’Brien did with that two brake walking around the bars with the frame moving…

    • I hear you Bobby, there were a few that played with the around the bar concept as frame swings round, this video I shot with Sam Foakes springs to mind, in the rain no less…

  5. Chase is blessed redd ,20 years on this stuff is still amazing and the thing is it wasn’t really duplicated it stood the test of time ,and i personally regard Chase as the best flatlander ever and believe me as you know there are plenty of contenders for that 🙂

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