Chase is the boss!! Part 2 of his video series!!


14 thoughts on “Chase is the boss!! Part 2 of his video series!!

  1. What to say, the double foot chick squeaks both ways is insane, the xft time machine to undertaker made me think why has no one else done that?? And the triple decade out just made my day!!!

  2. brilliant edit, when everyone rode brakes chase took his off, now 10 yrs later everyones brakeless , chase puts his back on, and still blows us away

  3. He just effing stomps everything, when you see him ride live you can get a better sense of the power he rides with. He talked about pushing his riding earlier this year and he did just that.

  4. Some Riders stand out and some riders create new doors Chase falls into both catagories incredible riding switch footed,regular,scuffing,rolling,spinning etc you want variety Chase delivers i much like the first part i have seen things in here that have never been duplicated before he has a huge repetoire in his bag of tricks and like E said the triple decade also made my day this riding defines the word "timeless".

  5. Chase is a leader, and like Luke said he stomps everything, and he always has, when he was at King of Concrete, he stomped everything,and now ten years on still stomping, that triple decade!! noone can do it quite like Chase, one of the most important riders ever, I have a question tho, if these tricks have never been done before what are they? Old school? 🙂

  6. Difficult one.. If everyone is doing the same tricks as that really new school? For me new school is when you bring something new, stating the obvious really. I have kids who come to my local park, and everything now is labelled, park rat, street head, old school, mid school, I mean christ. If everything hasn't been done with brakes, which it hasn't you can be doing something new, whether new school or not I don't know. Flats so small we are perhaps all in the same school?

  7. martti was labled leader of the new skool, but compared to mattaias he is old skool??
    whereas james white seems to be one of the oldest riders,and been riding since way before mattias was born, yet all that backwheel stuff seems pretty new to me

  8. Interesting points, for me martti is the leader of flatland, years ago I called him the leader of new school in an interview with him and it stuck, it sticks because his riding has that timeless factor a bit like james' stuff, James did a lot of that back wheel stuff years ago but it retains it's timeless quality because it's his, back to martti, for me, he leads the sport by example, through his riding, these online battles he's working on, he's constantly thinking, the flatland works currently lacks creators. And martti is argueably the most creative rider since the Kevin and chase era.
    Relating this back to chase, and in turn what you talked about lee, his riding has a timeless quality, cause it has his stamp on it. His double rolaid years back, is still I would say one of the best tricks ever done.

  9. Thanks for posting the video BigE!! major props.. awsome!! Love it – guys such as Kevin, CHASE, Martti/ are way above labels mates!! they are flatland's prime just as labelling Led Zeppelin,it cann't be done 'cause is just pure Rock & Roll!!

  10. Wonder if the triple decade will ever become mainstream again? Kinda miss those days if ending combos with triples, doubles etc…

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