3 thoughts on “Chris Böhm – Night of Freestyle / BMX SHOW 2018

  1. This is really cool , RESPECT to Bohm , being able to throw down his moves on SUCH a huge scale / show of THAT magnitude , SO many awesome things happening ALL at ONCE !! Looks like a rad show -TIMES 7 , like the Disney Land of extreme shows !! Having a B-boy / flatlander trade moves side by side ………….RIPPING , as I’m a huge fan of watching B-boying . If THIS show were anywhere near me , Id DEF go / gladly pay to witness it ! Love Bohms energy / riding !

  2. F*&^ Chris is wicked. He is the DMC of 2018…fast, smooth, and rad. This venue with explosions, flips, twists, energy and velocity is a manifestation of Chris’ teeming personality.

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