11 thoughts on “Ciaran Perry is incredible!

  1. Whoeeeellllleee heavy!! I like how your style has progressed and how it is too technically complicated like a dj scratch masterpiece.

  2. Wow, once again blown away by this video. Love the style and the new tricks.. Those backwards whiplashes, awesome! One handed hang 5 barflip thingys were great too. And of course that last link, taking sidewalks to the next level!


  3. yea thats that real flatland right there….you must know pedal steamrollers man…tht side pedal karl barflips looks like you can make it into a pedal steam barflipping frenzy easily…sick

  4. I'm lucky… this is the only vid that would upload on my computer for some reason… Ciaran… YOU ROCK! Ur style… AWESOME!

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