Classic Monday’s – Day Smith Mad Matt

Last week I started a new section on the site, classic Monday’s influenced by my podcast chat with Dusty Tweedhope from the Flatland Immersion Podcast. I wanted to show a little more love to the riders that have helped shape our sport, so my second choice for a classic video is Day Smith’s part from the 1995 Mad Matt video. Everything about this part hits the spot, Day’s powerful riding style mostly shot in Lakewood, California combined with Mark Eaton’s editing and audio mix skills (the Bee Gees mix fits Day’s riding so well). Sit back grab a cuppa and get motivated for your session today, this rules!

13 thoughts on “Classic Monday’s – Day Smith Mad Matt

  1. SLLLLLLAAAAAMMMMED choice , Big -E ! Cant count just how many times I watched this on V.H.S. , haha. To me ……one of Days best sections EVER ! Made me want to dial / learn half packers……….that STILL aren’t dialed to this day , haha. The sound of his tire just carving the pavement right after he butter slips to half packer from the steam….. is music to my ears ! Timeless combos -TIMES 7. The one legged floating freak squeak , cross Karl , QUICK flip-switch to left cross elephant glide , etc , etc … Day Smith flavors . Eaton / Day were a dream team collaborating THIS gem . Never , ever gets old , or looses its flare……..EVERY time I watch this ! Thanks Chad / Effraim / Eaton /Day / Hoffman bikes !

  2. Second what Rodney said, this was on repeat every morning during my middle and high school. First time I saw that switch to halfpacker at high speed, and still can’t hit it like that. Day just makes the one scuff to coast look so good and powerful! Style.

  3. So good I rode and hung out with day for a while,definitely used to constantly think of combos and rode damn hard beast

  4. Not a fan of that song or falsetto, but it seems to fit Day riding to it. He hits just about everything from scuffing to rolling and body varials & bar spins as smooth as butter. It was no surprise he had some cool sponsors at the time to.

  5. Mervyn’s Lot at Lakewood Mall was a magical spot.Some of my favorite sessions ever happened here, always fond memories. Day is a truly motivational rider and human being. I remember a few times he invited me to church with his mom and brother – felt more like family than my actual family. One of the best riders ever. Thanks Day!!!!

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