Classic Mondays – Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia / Wheelies Part

When I started Classic Mondays, this part was one of the top of my list to feature. 1994 was a good year for flatland, Mark Eaton’s Wheelies video still hits hard to this day. And you put Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia together at that period of time and you have pure gold, everything about this part is banging. This part always makes me want to go and ride, and that’s ultimately what it is all about.

8 thoughts on “Classic Mondays – Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia / Wheelies Part

  1. SO RAD! watched this till the tape gave out. I brought a Morales frame cos of this and my bro got the Jesse graveyard bars – good times.

    • That’s awesome, hugely inspirational. These two helped inspired a whole generation. Literally everyone had graveyards at one point it feels like.

      • I still ride with Graveyard T.I. bars as you can see!The best handlebars I ever had…and one of the best videos of all time.Jesse and Edgar had completely different styles than the norm back in the days…respect!

  2. Oh yeah, l’ve watched this many times as it’s never gotten old & stood the test of time. It was in the era of 1 inch, headsets coming lose etc, but the riding was progressing. I to had a Morales frame, which l sold as a complete bike,& wished l never did. I started to go to the next phase of my riding on that frame, so fond memories. I think the West coast riders forged their own way of ‘hard’ rolling tricks, keeping up with the Hoods of York. Could the whiplash to pedal hang 5 been an inspiration for Matti Rose?. Who knows, but Edgar & Jesse should be proud of their riding. Thanks Effraim.

  3. I think that time machine to decade was trey leepers idea. He explained it to edgar at a hoffman estates bs contest. Edgar pulled it during beginner vert and steve swope announcing thought people were cheering vert beginner. That rope to xfootbbackwards wheelie to ice cream pivot way holds up. Respect freestyle flatland.

  4. After watching this again, I must say, could this have been the start of ‘pumping’? I always loved the xfooted w’lashes Edgar does to b’wards 1/2 pac. I thought at the time, wow, this has gone up a few more levels in difficulty. And l’ve been seeing a number of riders do 1 handed K/cruisers in the last few years. And it seems to me, the firehydrant way into lardyards are harder than certain other ways of getting into them. This riding proves that it’s lasted the test of time.

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