Classic Monday’s – Paul Osicka Standard Country Part

Who remembers when this part dropped in 2000 from the Standard Bikes Country video produced by Glenn Milligan? Everything hits hard in this, from the EPMD track, the opening blindfold scene, and the riding that was way ahead of the time when this dropped and still hits hard to this day, not to mention the style Paul possesses. This part never gets old, what’s your favourite clip in this one? Lot of quality in this one, that’s a hard one to call.

15 thoughts on “Classic Monday’s – Paul Osicka Standard Country Part

  1. I must admit, I’d totally forgotten about this, somehow it slipped under the radar. My faves after watching it in no particular order are the b’wards g-turn, forward k’cruiser> b’rang, but after watching it again, I like it all. You’re right Effraim, this riding was ahead of it’s time & still great to this day. Thanks for this Effraim, I enjoyed it.

  2. This video was the first VHS with flatland in it I ever had. Watched this section on repeat hundreds of times. So classic – so legendary!

  3. Almost too good. Glenn Milligan made allot of slick bmx vids. Anyone remember his work on the RideBMX vids? Dopeness. He was one of THE guys to film and edit your part in that era. When I first saw this I wasn’t even riding flat yet, still got me pumped regardless. Damn E, thanks for posting this one. Made my Monday start right despite the weather.

  4. Very tough to pick my favourite clip but I reckon the one at 1:06 edges it.
    The whole section is fire to this day.

    • Yeah Joe so stylish! So inspiring that I could write a book about Paul Osicka seriously…90 percent of flatlanders are motivated by him including’s crazy when you think that dudes
      around the world are copying his style,his clothes,his bike set up,his tricks even his beard!!!For more than 20 years it is happening and it will never stop..Also notice that his bike here in this video is probably 20 kilos and he is floating on that tank!!Total respect.

  5. How in the world did he get the primo pervert to work as double fronts? Me and my friend tried that back in the day and failed miserably.

    • I helped Paul get that working….a long time ago. He had the benefit of someone (me) with some machining equipment at their disposal so that might have made the difference between success and failure.

      My mental archives might be a bit rusty but I don’t think we used a primo dingus but I think it was a modified wiseguy junction or it could have been a one off machined piece. The key to getting it to work was to keep housings on the split side as close together as possible. If they are too far apart like a stock Primo junction the cable will pull unevenly on the middle floating piece and causing the other side to bind on the barrel. The result will be really rough braking action and probably excessive wear on the cable(s). The way around it was to not use any barrel adjusters on the upper split side to keep the cables as close together as possible.The middle floating part was a one-off machined knarp that pinched all three cables together. It’s been probably 7-8 years since I last spoke with Paul but I’m think he said he still is using the same hack-job we came up with that day.

  6. A must watch Classic Monday! One of my favourite flatland clips of all time which i still watch to get pumped before session…loved that link inside the house where he spins backwards.Paul Osicka is THE wizard..and The reason i run dual front
    brakes right now.There are countless potentials with that set up i keep learning lots of new tricks and switches on a daily basis…The guy is a prophet!!!Thanks Effraim for this,enjoyed it!!

  7. I still remember Eben Krackau , who rode for Standard bike company for years , him bringing the Standard Country V.H.S. tape over one night after I got off work ……….I was FLOORED ! It was one thing to see , imagine just what Paul was doing in his interview in Ride Bmx magazine , but to see THAT no handed bar small messiah spin , and all those pedal , pretzel arm twisting , squeak type front wheel around the world / bars type varials ,as well as the messiahs boomerang BACK to messiahs …….I couldn’t believe it , even after I had Eben rewind his part again , haha. That opening full bar squeak , BLIND FOLDED …..THAT had me bugged out INSTANTLY , like some Jedi ,Guru mastery where the bike wasn’t even a bike , more like a partner , or an extension of him or something , hahaha. I know for a fact after seeing Pauls part………Mickey Gaidos was FULLY motivated , AMMMMMPED to morph , progress , his own riding style and the next time I saw him @ a Houston comp………his style / riding was leveled UP -TIMES 7 !!! Terry told me he IMMEDIATLY went to session , literally SECONDS in the middle of the night right after watching this video part !! Paul Osicka riding is always ahead , no matter what , ALWAYS leading……..since 1994 !

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