Classic Mondays – Pete Brandt & Eric Emerson Reality TV Part 1

Summer season is finally done at Southsea Skatepark, and now a little bit more time to work on updating the website. Back to reality, with this inspirational section that really inspired me and many others. Pete Brandt and Eric Emerson, from Pete’s shove-it creativity, to Eric’s no footed straddle-roni on the streets of San Francisco. This section still gets me hyped.

If you missed my interview with Pete where we discuss this part and much more, grab a cuppa:

3 thoughts on “Classic Mondays – Pete Brandt & Eric Emerson Reality TV Part 1

  1. That parking garage part always blew me away. Especially with the 3rd Bass track. My young brain definitely didnt register how crazy front yard whips to locomotive and junkyard to perveted decade to gerator were…

  2. This section was so influential for me at the time. Even more so than Dorkin 3. I remember just rewinding it over and over to memorize the links. It was 8 years later and a chance phone call to Erin Donato ” Erin, my car broke down can you pick me up at work? “. When she got there Chad and Amy Johnston were in the car , I was blown away. In all my time spent in California I had never got to meet Chad or even known he was riding again. That night we all sessioned at Rutgers Stadium and Chad filmed us for Linkt.Magical times. I really wish that Chad would make videos again. Out of all the videographers he is one of the best, in my opinion.

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