Claude Hickman – 2019 clips

I was chatting to Claude Hickman about his riding whilst we were out in China and he was saying he was facing a progression block in his riding. Well, today I am stoked to wake up to a fresh edit from the man himself, get to see Claude the man behind the mic on the Fise livestreams. Skills to pay the bills, love the darkside line that starts 1:38, and the backwards switch foot no handed hang 5 at 2:54. Well worth a watch, we didn’t see enough of Claude’s riding, super smooth too.

5 thoughts on “Claude Hickman – 2019 clips

  1. STOKED on this ! Very great progression , Claude ! Im STILL watching your section in the bmx video , Oklahoma High Air , from 1994ish !! haha……..always dug your flow / riding . You kinda remind me of Bobby Burge in a way , being that you’ve always put your own twist within your lines , throughout your bmx career , WITH effortless style on your bike ….. and you being a man of FAITH , doing selfless work in the church . Cant wait to really check this edit out , after work , homie ! Salud to you , also representing / being a positive voice @ the F.I.S.E. events , globally ….AND STILL pushing your own personal progression on your bike with RAD links , front to back , AND back to front wheel / silky smooth links , with technical bits in da mix ……..WIN , bruv……pure WIN !!

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