Cory Stratychuk – 5 years anniversary of not being able to ride

cory strat 1997-1999 from Cory Stratychuk on Vimeo.

Today marks a heartfelt day for Cory Stratychuk, 5 years of not being able to ride with being in a lot of pain. To this day I have never seen anyone do a scuffing catapult or smith decade as many call it, and look out for the forward karl peg boomerang to hitch right at the end, Cory was so good and a massive part of why the Vancouver flat scene made such a big impact on the worldwide flatland scene (Andrew Faris, Cory, Jason Brown R.I.P, Jamie Macintosh, Nathan Penonzek) during the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Much respect due, here’s what Cory had to say about this emotional day for him:

Respect due!

“I think this video showcases most progressive time in my life and it goes pretty far back. (18-20 years).
The bottom line is that I’ve really tried to come back but in reality I have had to learn the most difficult trick of all which was hang it up.
It constantly feels like I’m that kid who broke his arm on the first day of summer and am waiting for the cast come off, but there’s no chance. I just think there is in the back of my head.
Riding was my entire life for such a very long time and I still had some left in me.
There were dream tricks that I hadn’t quite learned yet and then my last edit (pre accident) left with a “to be continued” note- which I never really got the chance to follow up with.
This part still haunts me as I’m sure you can all imagine.
It stands as the last time I could ride at any potential and not hurt 24/7 for months at a time following a 1-2 hour session.”

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  1. I have always admired Cory’s riding. These videos were awesome to watch. I am hopeful that Cory will find a way to “get the cast off,” and get back on his bike.

  2. One of the smoothest riders ever. These clips are awesome & heartbreaking to watch at the same time given the situation. Stay strong, Cory!

  3. Always looking through the rear view, down the road to where you been; now must change to looking through the windshield at the road that lies ahead. And that’s ok.
    When you do, your creative bmx skills will channel through to a new outlet albeit at a lower level than your one true love.

    Peace and respect from the East Coast of Canada

  4. Thanks to Effraim for posting this and also to everyone for taking the time to read/ watch and/ or say something.
    I wanted to change how this day felt. I may not be able to ride flatland at any potential any longer but I sure can look back and celebrate what I did before my spine and other stuff was damaged in the accident.
    So while I may not ever be able to replace flatland I still try to keep it alive by keeping up with what’s going from an spectator type point of view.
    And it sure is different now that I’m out on the sidelines but it’s just good to see this a little differently now that I’m only a fan.
    I have finally been able to really appreciate just how good everyone is (in this sport) and in their unique ways.

  5. Stoked to see Cory get some love in the comments section, after I posted yesterday YouTube gave me a good reminder: watch this amazing footage Cory put together for Mixt! Cliff and hiker kickflips on lock and a whole lot more….

  6. Thanks for sharing this story Cory and Effraim. Very heartfelt. At times when my motivation to ride is high, I best understand what it must feel like to be in Cory’s situation. The cast in the beginning of summer is actually a very good metaphore.
    When my motivation to ride is low, I’ll remember this story to push myself because I am lucky to still be able to ride.

    I have great memories of watching Cory ride, even from waybackwhen I just started riding. I remember a part in Flatland Manifesto (the very first one, I think?) featuring ‘The Terrorist’ by DJ Vadim. I used to watch that VHS tape over and over and over… At least once every Saturday morning before going to ride my BMX with friends. The VHS quality is actually really bad due to watching it so much 🙂
    I remember wanting to buy his black Ares Ashura frame on the BacklashBMX forums when it was for sale.
    His ambidextrous part(s) in one of the inTRIKat’s really stood out for me, can’t remember the exact name of that movie though.
    Paved Paradise is a little more vague but also comes to mind (I didn’t own the VHS so only got the chance to watch it once or twice).

    Thanks for being a motivation and inspiration from when I started riding up until today, Cory! The flatland community hasn’t forgotten about you 🙂

  7. Cory aka The reason why i had a grey sabbath etc, I wore out every tape i had of him. learnt most of my movers because of him, i could go on all day.

  8. You’re a rad dude Cory. You’re talented in everything you do. Was lucky to spend most of the time with you riding and playing THPS. Coquitlam Center for life lot 16.

  9. I’ll always have crazy respect for Cory and the rest of the OG Canadian Invasion crew, they all brought so much style and skill to mid/late 90’s – early 2000’s flat, and every issue of Flat Manifesto would always have Canadians bringing the heat (and proper how-to’s from Cory). Loiter as well, totally wore out my copy because of Cory and the others dropping dope sh*t all over that vid; never could figure out how he made riding a 45-50 pound Sabbath look so effortless! Stories like this, as far as quitting due to severe pain, resonate with me more and more as I get up in the years, and in some ways has already started for me, like having to quit brakes due to severe elbow, wrist, and finger pain in both arms. I figure we’ll all have to hang it up someday, but just have to keep hoping its a day still way off for each of us.

  10. September 2005 on a Saturday night at Adam Diclaudios / Dave Weathersbees apartment after a long Oltorf garage session in Austin Texas . Rob TEX Thayer calls with you , Cory on the phone !!! I couldn’t BELIEVE it was YOU on the other end , TEX had just finished filming you for ELUSION , still to THIS day a MASTERPIECE of a bmx FLATLAND film !!! Talking to you that night was SURREAL for me being that Ive FOLLOWED / LOOKED up to your SIGNATURE combos / tricks since the FIRST black and white clip Jason Brown R.I.P , got of you BUSTING your SIGNATURE PEDAL five , step down hang five to bar flip to half packer !!! From THAT moment on I was HOOKED on YOUR riding , and ALWAYS anticipated ANY video footage of you !!! Over the MANY years ESPECIALLY 1998 , YOUR MENTAL / ORIGINAL / TECH combo in THE 5 COMBOS video I was FLOORED / IN AWE of THAT combo in particular , AS WELL as your CONSTANT / RAPID progression in ALL techniques / variations of ALL tricks !!! Hell youre one of the FIRST to REALLY push the NO-SCUFF-NO KICK -TECHNICAL ROLLING combos in EARLY 1999 !!!! I have a SPECIFIC -LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of FAVORITE riders , youre one of em SHREDDER !!! Having DOMINATED in some of the most STACKED comps like the X-GAMES / K.O.Gs / X-TRIALS / LA-REVOLUTIONS , etc , etc , you ALSO SLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEED your ORIGINAL / TECH / MENTAL combos / tricks IN COMPETITION , AS WELL as in VIDEO edits / parts !!!!!! Your ENTIRE riding LEGACY / CONTRIBUTIONS will ETERNALLY be SET IN STONE for the PUSHING / PROGRESSION of the art form -TIMES 7 !!!! I PRAY you will one day BLESS ALL OF US with YOUR riding one day SOON !!!!! JUST REMEMBER ……………………..YOU helped ELEVATE bmx FLATLAND to HIGH LEVELS of DIFFICULTY and ORIGINALITY !!!!!!!! SALUTE / HONOR / RESPECT to you Cory !!!!!!!!!

  11. I snowboarded with Cory back in SK (Blackstrap). Always knew he was into BMX but I never knew he was this good. Crazy to see. Also sad to hear he’s out of the game.

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