Cream 32 out now!

Cream 32 is out now, the march/april edition is 20 pages strong in flatland coverage.

The tone for this issue is set in the editorial by Alain Massabova. To cut the editorial short, a street wear brand no longer wants to communicate in Cream any more, translate communicate for advertise…

I personally couldn’t agree more with Alains editorial, Bmx is already small enough as it is, segregating flat doesn’t make any sense, especially when its influencing other forms of bmx so much.

Let me also say that the 20 pages off flat in this issue is hardly too much, fits in nicely!

So whats in this issue (bare in mind im only covering the flat!)

-Columbia to Panama, nice diary type story of Raphael’s trip, some great shots of young kids busting out on ghetto bikes.

– Great interview by Matthias with Michael Machard, aka Mika, you may know this guy who did the Martti hang five jump to crackpacker, really insightful interview, that discusses his lifestyle, motivation for riding, the paris scene, and of course the hang five jump to crackpacker. Probably the best article in this issue.

– Photography Portfolio of Tomas Olajos, couple of nice shots of Adam Kun in scenic locations.

– The Japanese influence continues this issue with Kotaro Tanaka, and Akira Okamura, amazing shots from Green G.

La Gazette this issue has coverage of the Revolcon contest in mexico, Whos next exhibition in paris showing the work of Cream magazine.

– The Long beach jam gets a page, nice shots of Puente, and Chad busting..

And that’s the flatland coverage this issue, go and buy the best magazine for flat, show support.

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