Cream 36 is out!!

Cream 36 just popped through my letterbox yesterday after a riding session and I’m stoked, if you’ve seen my facebook, you will know why..
So whats in this issue…(flat wise)

Moto’s backwards spinning opposite karl shot by Green G, editorial discusses riders in the shadow, not famous…

Cream is great for the flatland related adverts, Matthias’ pull in ad, the “M” is made up of parts off his bike, pretty cool ad! Below that Adam Kun has a full page Khe ad….

Martti’s editorial this issue, discusses sacrificing your demons to reach your creative freedom “What is the point of trying to be better and better if that takes out all the happiness of the life? once you are better are you really happier than before, on the way there?” its deep stuff, that you come to expect from a creative genius…

Martti interviews Erico Melo, who now lives in Finland, interesting interview about the move from sunny Portugal to freezing finland, the crossover from flat to street (erico rides both…)..

So I mentioned at the start why I was stoked on this issue, well here it is! Paul Chamberlains article on the Brighton get together organised by Phil Dolan, its not every day you get a full page photo in Cream. Good memories of a fun day out in Brighton.

As always Cream looks at the lifestyle/fashion side of the sport, this issue is “Black is back”, nice double page spread, vert arty.

La Gazette is filled woth flat this issue, Valter Guerreiro reports on the Fieldcontrol event in Portimao, Luis Elias reports on the National BMx Championship in Costa Rica..

Venice jam gets double page..

Lil less flatland than previous issues, but way more than any other magazine out there, support flatlanders, get this!

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