Cream 37 review

Issue 37 of the best magazine in the world just arrived a few days ago, like every issue, the content is great, full of flatland treats for you to check out, these Cream magazines are like a collectors item for me.

Marttis column “Marttistique” is bursting with energy, anger, no holds barred, as you’d expect and love from the Mr Groundtactics. “I won’t ever make a photo session in my life in front of a beautiful landmark such as church or a waterfall! I won’t ever again try to make flatland look more showish just because I am asked to do so. I refuse trying to make flatland popular because that is not possible.”

As you know from all publicity on flatmatters, facebook, fatbmx, Sam Foakes got the cover, teaming up with photographer Richard Baybutt to bring you some beautiful futuristic photographs that make a subtext comment about Sam’s riding, I took care of the interview, much like Martti, this is a no holds barred interview where Sam gives insight into the concepts behind his riding, what he goes through training for a contest, the focus prototype frame, how his life has changed so much in the last two years, his feeling on the current state of flatland “Now, external influences seem to speak louder than riding. When was the last promo vid? Mag coverage? Is it their first time at an event? Etc. Whatever the reason, hype around riders through coverage is deflecting away from what is dead in flatland: progression”.

Mat Dagu from Malaysia gets a five page interview, I don’t know much about Mat so this was interesting to read about the Malaysian scene, how he got into riding, his experiences in europe, and his search for a girlfriend.

As I said this issue is full of diversity, from Martti and Sams strong opinions,  to the controversial world classic, the opening intro by Alain Massabova is quite telling i thought “Martti doesn’t need to compete, he is the best”, diversity is healthy, whilst I don’t agree with how this event was handled. I think Alain does a great job in this issue of covering all sides of this opinionated artform, which in turn makes Cream healthier than ever.

A big part of creams success has been the visual impact Manu Sanz’s photographs have had, great interview and insight into this artists work, the shot of Alexis Desolneux in Long beach is beautiful, manu shares some of his favourite memories “The session with Paul Osicka in Humboldt County is probably one of my favourite memories. For a start, he had driven about 6 hours from San Francisco to come and fetch me. As he knew that I loved the countryside, we spent three days trekking. He showed some beautiful spots and the atmopshere was incredibly calm, I didnt feel like I was in the states. I must say that the place he lives is pretty unique.”

La Gazette has another article by me, the Level Vibes in London, Yinka gets a photo as well as myself and Viki, theres nothing like getting a photo in Cream, pretty stoked.

There’s a two page feature on Kotaro Tanaka new company “Motel works”, where he aims to launch a brand focussing on the flatland and street market, designing a frame that can be used for both.

Great piece on Alfred Lerma, a bike collector, check the photo above!

Flatland ads this issue with Khe, Twenty (great ad with Sebastian Grubinger), and Flatland fuel.

As always theres plenty of other comment, Twenty in LA, Eva Pin up rider (check photo above!), Kuala Lumpar City Guide. Brooklyn Banks feature, and so on…
Go get this issue, another great issue to the collectors pile, great photography, brimming with diverse content, Cream keeps going from strength to strength. Good work Alain!

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