Cream 38 review

Cream 38 is out and bursting with great flatland content.As always, setting the bar high, these magazines are like collectors items for  flatlander!

Terry Adams gets the content page, cracking shot of a studio lit whopper.

The first main flatland related article is an interview with Taka, with great shots from Green G, I don’t really know much about Taka, so that makes for an interesting read, although the interview was a lil short…

The caen extreme contest gets 4 pages, with good write up on the flatland side of the contest.

Bobby Carter and Richard Agauyo take you on a “day in life in LA”, sunshine, burritos, hanging out at bike shop, and riding of course, nice full page shot of  Bobby C laying it down….I miss LA…

By far the highlight of this issue, is the 6 page interview with Raphael Chiquet, when was this guy ever interviewed?  Beautiful photography by Anna Gorvits, shot right at the Louvre, and great interview by Alain, discussing his life change now he works for Monster, “Now I am really busy, I have responsibilities, a team of 10 people to manage, pressure, emails coming all day and night on my blackberry, you know a real job…This new occupation has obviously led to consequences for my other job as a professional bmx rider.”

Raphael is a breath of fresh air, a real character, lets not forget he is the current world champion, I find that sad that he is the world champion and working full time, that’s a sign of the times I guess, but also sounds like he enjoys his life to the fullest, which is great…
“World Champion! The world, damn it…Fucking World champion! It’s pretty crazy! I think I still can’t wrap my head around it, or maybe I haven’t had time to get my head around it.”

The rest of this great interview discusses how important contests are, where he thinks his riding will go, how much music plays a role in his life, the Parisian lifestyle. Great stuff!! Very good read, if nothing else, Cream 38, is worth it for this 6-page interview. But of course there’s more flat..

Luis Elias Benavides writes on the annual Ticos jam, which also features in La Gazette along with Circle Cow 11 report..< There’s a great article on Simon O’Brien and Australia by Nathan Penonzek, interesting story on Simon’s lifestyle, and family life. Bo Wade has full page shot of perverted decade in a bar, pretty cool! Of course there’s much more besides, but lets keep this short and sweet, go get this for the Raphael interview, amazing stuff from the Cream team. Bravo! I’m feeling the sunset cover! Lets go ride!

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  1. Thanks Trevor! Too much time talking to taku and not taka! I'll correct when get on wifi area. Much appreciated!

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