Cream 39 review

Review by Effraim.

Issue 39 of Cream is out now, and of course full of flatland content! This issue has a lil theme to it “you’ll see the love in bmx. A feminine aspect that makes you feel good.”

So what’s inside you ask?

Adam Kun gets the contents page photo, super nice shot, I’m guessing taken in Paris, although not sure.

The editor, Alain Massabova has a great editorial, discussing how his attitude has changed since he had a kid with his wife “If someone had told me that one day I wouldn’t eat meat, and I would like kids, I would not have believed them. It goes to show, you need to be able to live some things to be able to judge them”.

The first main interview falls to Lea Dobrowski, Lea gets three pages in the best flat magazine in the world, so I know she’s psyched! Luis Elias interviews her, and they discuss her influences, her contest experiences, and of course the topic of girl riding flatland comes up which I think gives the most telling quote of the interview, “I know this may come as a shock to some, but I don’t want to see a girl’s class. I honestly believe that all girl riders should just ride in the class they belong. It is more motivating to ride against men.”

Nathan Penonzek writes about the Flamenco flatland contest, three pages dedicated to this experimental contest, beautiful photography, almost like paintings. You have to see the quality to believe!

The Jomopro and Thailand extreme jam both gets double page spreads, great Jomopro write up by Bryan Huffman!

This issues “portfolio” showcases the photographic work of Anna Gorvits, who takes very subtle beautiful photos, and fits nicely with the tone of this issue, what with Lea’s interview, a story of Barry Kohne and his girlfriend, seems kinda fitting.

The Fise contest gets three pages of flat! Which wraps up this issue of Cream, yet another issue to add to the collection.

Good job Alain! Nice outlook on the sometimes brutal world of bmx. Cream is able to do that, and that alone sets them apart in my eyes. This is the magazine that matters!

5 thoughts on “Cream 39 review

  1. Great respect to Lea for her comment!

    There is no real reason to segregate in flatland as there are no equipment restrictions. A rider uses a frame size and geometry that suits them and their style, it is one of the few sports like this.

    I really should try to get a subscription to this magazine, will have to wait until after I finish moving though.

  2. Thanks 🙂 and thank you Effraim! I can't wait to finally get my issue so I can read it lol… And yes I was very stoked and very honored!!!

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