Dan Rigby: 5 Combos

The concept was simple the video was classic, Jason Brown invited five riders to combo till you drop, heres Dan Rigby’s combo. Great stuff.

11 thoughts on “Dan Rigby: 5 Combos

  1. Scarily enough not intentional, had this edit ready to go on the blog a few days ago before the tragic news broke. Rip mj.
    Rodney Williams is a legend!

  2. Remember watching this round Rasta Daves back in 98 one of the longest combo's i've seen Rigby rules as for Rodney Williams Lee go to bmxfreestyler.com Mark has a 5 minute combo of Rodneys up there goes on forever.

  3. Dan rigby is one of best riders I've seen live, and his section on props groundwork is one of the best of all time. The Vancouver scene back then must have been crazy with brown, faris, royer, Cory strat, and rigby visiting every so often, oh and Jamie Macintosh…

  4. Yep Steve fong as well, that was a massive scene at that point, Jason browns videos were great in documenting that thriving scene, also the infection videos…

  5. I STILL watch THIS in 2020 , SLLLAAAAMMMED line by Rigby , TIMES 7 . Some hard ,technical stuff throughout his whole combo ! If ANYONE has THE WHOLE VIDEO , 5- COMBOS already transferred to DIGITAL ……..PLEEEAASE UPLOAD IT , PLLLLLEEEAAASE ! I have a original copy , only on V.H.S. , haha……got it from Matt Bennet @ his bmx / boutique shop …Lifetime bmx , back in early March of 1998 in Atlanta ! Such a RAD video !

  6. Still very much stoked and watching this SLLAMMMED link of Dan’s in 2022…….This whole video and concept to it was rad….I’d love to see this same type of video be done today by any of the riders in this video… or even all the amazing riders you see today…..Rigby REALLY freestyled and threw it down during this combo….you can really tell as you watch him go through all of it……

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