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Pete Hollinger just got in contact with me with some sad news, Ed Nussbaum’s wife Dana needs all the help and support she can get, read on for the official word and help if you can, thank you!

“Dear Family and Friends-

If you’re visiting this site, you likely already know that my sweet sister, Dana, is in the fight of her life. We greatly appreciate all the love, support, and prayers that you have provided. There is no doubt that she and those closest to her would not have been able to make it this far without them.

For those of you that we haven’t been able to update along the way, I’ll provide a recap of what brought us to this point. On Saturday, February 4, Dana started feeling sick, primarily with cold symptoms. Not feeling too bad on Sunday, she flew a few trips for work on Sunday. However, on Monday she began to feel much worse (and described it to me “sad city,” as she often says) and decided in the early morning to go to the ER. This was really telling, as Dana despises hospitals. During the visit, she was diagnosed with influenza strain A and a chest x-ray was performed. The chest x-ray came back clear and she was sent home with Tamaflu. However, Dana continued to feel worse throughout the day and was in significant pain. She was taken back to the ER and her breathing was very labored. Another chest x-ray was taken, but this time it showed pneumonia.

Overnight, Dana’s symptoms worsened and the St. Joseph’s staff did an absolutely heroic job to stabilize her. They quickly determined that she needed to be put on VA ECMO, the highest level of life support which bypasses both the heart and lungs. Doing so stabilized her condition so that she could be transported to a specialized department at USC Medical Center on Wednesday night. Later in the week, she was transitioned from VA ECMO to VV ECMO (lung support only) because he heart became strong enough to work on its own again. This was great news, but her lungs are still very sick.

We are here at USC Medical Center now and she continues to fight like you all know she would. This will be a long road for her and progress will be slow despite all efforts being taken. Dana is unbelievably strong and determined, but she needs your continued prayers and support. Please keep her in your thoughts.

I will continue updates on this site as I can, so please check back here to learn the latest. When you stop by, please leave a note because it helps us to remember how many special people she has pulling for her. I have been documenting things along this journey so that I can share with her when she wakes up, and your notes will only add to the joy.”



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