Dane Beardsley bikecheck!

Everyone knows Dane is one of the smoothest cats in the game, makes awesome vids, and kills it on the flat of course, heres his ride! Simplicity!

Frame: DK Prototype,top tube 19”, chain stay 13.625” (slammed), BB height 11.5”, seat tube angle 71 degrees, head tube angle 75 degrees, double-butted top & down tubes.

Fork: DK Race.

Headset: Not sure.

Handlebars: DK BK 7-11 bars.

Barends: Sequence.

Stem: DK Alpha front load.

Grips: DK Tsuka.

Griplocks: None.

Brakes: Grass.

Tyres: Odyssey Chase 1.85.

Tubes: Generic.

Pegs: Tree Bike Co. Big Balsa Pegs.

Seatpost: Macneil

Seatclamp: DK Alpha.

Seat: Travis Collier Signature Pivotal seat (thanks Trav).

Chain adjustor: Two bent spokes placed in my drop outs.

Chain: I don’t know.

Cranks: DK Social Cranks 170mm.

Chainring: DK Alpha.

Pedals: Odyssey Plastic.

Rims: DK Orbit 36h.

Front hub: DK Alpha 36h.

Freecoaster: 36H Nankai freecoaster.

Spokes: DK.

Any modifications: I cut the big rings on my grips off. I also cut and bend spokes to put in my drop out to keep my chain tight.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: Not really.

7 thoughts on “Dane Beardsley bikecheck!

  1. The spokes just take up a minute amount of space to self tighten the wheel. It just jams it back farther in the dropout without letting it move.

    I use old pedal pins, as i find they never move/ break apart.

  2. Bent spokes placed in between axle and the frame before peg is put working as a spring type spacer pushing axle backwards making chain tight?

  3. Why not just get some chain tensioners ,seeing is what they are designed for bit less hassle than jaming bent spokes in there.

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