Dane Beardsley – Early 2016

Today is a good day! The mastermind behind Same thing daily, Dane Beardsley just dropped this awesome “Early 2016” part with plenty of goodness to get your teeth into. As always Dane’s combos are really well thought out and executed perfectly, couple of the highlights for me: 00:25 – the xft whiplash to xft hitch xft forward karl one kick turbine whip to xft backwards hitch whip and shove-it to regular hitch xft smoothie out, and the standout for me although I’ve seen Dane do it before it still gets me every time: steam jump over bars to two footed backyard line at the 1:00 minute mark is beautiful and so hard. Definitely worth a watch, hell yes Dane! Thanks for sharing!

9 thoughts on “Dane Beardsley – Early 2016

  1. So many mind bending moves. Every time I see some of Dane’s riding he doing stuff that is his own and it’s always a surprise! Love it!

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