Dane Beardsley ESPN edit

Super good flat/street/trails edit from Dane, love the backwards xft halfpacker line in this one! Skills! Thanks to Stuart Rose for sending this one in!

15 thoughts on “Dane Beardsley ESPN edit

  1. Good stuff there!!! It’s good to see a rider who is all around rider,these day’s!! Digging the combo’s on flat!!! Thank’s for sharing your skill’s!!

  2. no Bobby that was WWF wrestling legend ” Rik Flair ” haha ,great edit multi skilled dude love the feel of this edit ,nice work 🙂

    • I wouldnt say underrated, he was voted top 5 last year in nora cup, not something I would class as underrated, he also features top ten in every contest hes at, hes very much up there! He gets lot of coverage also!

  3. E, I think Dane is more “under appreciated” from much of the modern flatland community than under rated. For his placings, edits, sponsors, videos, etc… he doesn’t have that much chatter on the forums and such. But that kinda works with his low key personality. Anyway. Sick stuff as always from one rad dude. Go Dane!

  4. Superb DANE! I only think that Dane is kinda new to the scene and now just getting recognized by more and more riders as a pro. To be honest when I met him in Finland, I was with Erico Melo and other local riders here chatting and riding together, seeing Dane practicing on real wheel tricks we didn’t know who he was. But now with lots of coverages and competition results prolly every flat rider he meets knows him..

  5. @Kwon Dane is hardly “new to the scene.” He had a killer part in the first Diversion video back in 2002, and in the years since he produced the Flatcrap, Video Name, and Same Thing Daily DVDs. Just because he isn’t constantly hyping himself like Matthias or Terry doesn’t mean he’s new to the scene…

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