Dane Beardsley wins 2013 Trans Jam Round 1!

Round 1 of the Trans jam series took place yesterday in Charlotte, NC. Dane Beardsley continued his winning streak at the Trans jam events, taking another first place win with a flawless run. Alex Jumelin made the trip from New Orleans with his kids and ended up second. Raul Figueroa Salinas again took third place! Stay tuned for some edits soon hopefully… Congratulations Dane, Alex and Raul!

Dani King kindly sent in the full results!

1 Kyle Hogue
2 Justin Morrison
3 Timothy Little
4 Indy Nowak (TIE)
4 Jackson Hamelin (TIE)

1 Mark Coates
2 Lee Mejia
3 Steven Tubiolo
4 Fox Kinsman
5 Kevin Washington

1 Dane Beardsley
2 Alex Jumelin
3 Rau’l Figueroa (TIE)
3 Keith King (TIE)
4 Isaiah Jordan

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