Dane Beardsley wins Greenville Trans Jam 2012

Photo credit: Alex Jumelin.

Dane won the pro class of the third and final stop of the Trans Jam 2012 at the BMX Fest in Greenville. Congratulations Dane, Alex and Isaiah rounding out the top three!

1st Dane Beardsley
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Isaiah Jordan
4th Bryan Huffman
5th Keith King
6th Duncan Gore

1st Brian Ledbetter
2nd Chris Przepiora
3rd Mark Coates
4th Fox Kinsman
5th Lee Meija

1st Mark Coates
2nd Steven Tubiolo
3rd Kevin Washington
4th Kyle Hogue; 5th Steve Nowak; 6th Carter Mahnke; 7th Justin

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