David Hoffmann – Uni BMX

20161016 Uni BMX from David Hoffmann on Vimeo.

Stoked today to wake up to a reasonably new edit out of one of the most underrated riders on the euro flat scene, David Hoffmann. This “Uni BMX” edit was filmed during on one day during the winter of 2016. Love the line at around the 3:20 with a casual xft halfpacker pivot to spinning half hiker thrown in, definitely worth watching this one!

7 thoughts on “David Hoffmann – Uni BMX

  1. Awesome. That x-foot halfpacker switch was unreal… Loving his style with the multiple whiplashes and nose wheelies weaved in and out of some great turbine sections without a lot of unnecessary pumping, very Yoshiki Uchino vibe to it all that I always dig!

  2. So, after watching the Scott Powell video, I was thinking about brakes and how much potential there is for new things to happen with them. A few minutes later, I see this video and catch myself amazed by how seamless riding can look without them. Days like this, I can’t help but be awed by how much flatland and bmx has grown. A good day, in my book!

    • I get this vibe all the time… see the latest Giannis edit and feel like throwing a brake on, then watch someone flow a crazy edit brakeless and keep them off. I ended up finally getting an Odyssey Springfield for easy install and removal for whenever the mood changes and I want to switch things up on the fly. =p

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