David Nagy – 2018 Summer Progress

Out here at the UK Flatland Championships in Harrogate, Yorkshire and trying to keep up to date with what’s going on around the world for you at home. And it’s always good day when David Nagy drops a new edit and today we have a nice treat. One of the most creative riders in Europe in my opinion, from the opening one foot cliff to half packer back to one foot cliff without touching the bars I was glued to this one and you will be too. Don’t sleep on this people!

6 thoughts on “David Nagy – 2018 Summer Progress

  1. A bit different but nice smooth style. I can do no handed 1 footed hang 5s , but never tried them in circles. Now I’m inspired to try doing them in circles. And first time I’ve seen no handed K cruiser. Will try them to. All looks good.I’ve long tried to be as original as possible, but feels as if it’s the old days, when we checked out the mags to see any new tricks.

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