4 thoughts on “David Nagy-One wheel action!

  1. He’s good. I wonder if that would be a better way to learn how to turbine tricks at my age because it would require less energy.

  2. Reggie- turbine means change direction, i think you ean pumping to keep speed. Yes a light bike makes pumping way easier. It is very difficult to pump on an old school 45 pound s and m sabbath with typical 1998 setup. strong island pegs, powerbite cranks tenderizer pedals, banana seat, etc. I never could do it on 40 pouns bike but on my now 18 pound bike its easy. but i still suck at it compared to this guy.
    This is probably the best unbike video i have yet seen. Unfortunately it is impossible to ride in or out so it doesnt count. Sorry. But dialed opposite rocket whips are still really sick. Now forget about the unbike lets see some really crazy rocket whip action. I want to see rocket-peg wheelie-opp rocket.

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