David Szabo wins 2013 BMX Worlds AM Flatland!

The Pro’s always get a lot of attention on the site right after a big contest. So I wanted to make a change on the site, and show some love to the AMs at the 2013 BMX Worlds at the top of the site. I however could only filmed three riders as my battery was running out, congratulations to David Szabo from Hungary who qualified first and of course ended up first in finals! What a weekend for Hungary at the 2013 BMX Worlds! Full results below…

1st David Szabo
2nd Timo Quitter
3rd Michele Maiolani
4th Attila Bereczski
5th Michal Kupec
6th Varo Hernandez
7th Pal Varga
8th Jussi Laukkanen
9th Kaan Geylani
10th Isaer Vladimir Sergeerich
11th Erik Hogers
12th Jenza Kamai

6 thoughts on “David Szabo wins 2013 BMX Worlds AM Flatland!

  1. Congratilations!
    It was an awesome weekend really happy i was there again.

    Athough i like my new name but my real name is Erik Hogers not Moyers!

  2. Thanks for the upload! Does anybody have the 2nd place run from Timo Quitter on video? I’d like to see that jump of doom again!

  3. There was a lot of good riding in the AM class. @Chris – The perry doom was so controlled. Really enjoyed the runs of David Szabo, Timo Quitter and Michele. The bar grab one handed pedal 5 was awesome!

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