16 thoughts on “Davis Dudelis – 125 Metres Nose Manual

  1. @mothradeath kevin jones may have or may not have done this 20 years ago, I don’t think it really matters( if riders only did tricks no one else had done before then probably only a handful of riders would be doing anything) myself and many others are just giving props to davis 4 busting out one hell of a trick.

  2. first off…..im not trying to troll on somebodies dopeness. i can do this…so kudos. but..its just funny to me a bit, mostly because im old as hell, how tricks come back in full circle. please dont make me hunt through my plywood hoods videos to find this. haha. there was a hill that was featured in a ton of kevin and eatons parts that they did tricks down that was super long and gradual. kevin is doing one in his part. i seen it first hand in 1995 in york for the premiere of the haro candy video when the jam was held at the school. jones rode for a bit and him and chris young were doing them half way across the parking lot.

  3. Oh, feathered nose wheelies and brakeless nose wheelies are different tricks. This is the longest Ive seen brakeless, Im sure guys have done really long feathered nose wheelies but it’s different without the brakes.

  4. this is true…and although in the video hypnosis he has his finger on the lever and his hauling ass down the hill i spoke of and arguably using brakes or not…..lets not forget who it is were are talking about here…..and that was 20 years ago. im still going to say..no trolling on this nose wheelie. its almost like the trick was just invented when kids started doing them on street. No…flatlanders did them years before. all im saying…..
    its a very old trick.

  5. Ever heard of a little known guy by the name of chase gouin? Yea…he probably wasn’t doing these 15 years ago when he started the brakeless revolution. Or at least not 125 meters;)

  6. Awesome trick. I think that the one that Ross Smith had on flatmatters a year ago was about 6 or 7 seconds longer and farther. Not trying to take anything away from this guy here though. It is still amazing!

  7. That’s nuts! A lot of body/bike control here.

    And I’m a huge Kevin Jones fanboy…but no. Phil Dolan perhaps…

  8. Rick Moliterno was the first person I saw doing nose manuals with brakes. I think he did it to a bar endo in his run from the Ohio masters in 87. I heard rumours around 1998 of Kevin doing them brakeless.

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