Day 2 – Wheels and Finns / UK Flatland Championships

“Ten seconds left, if you want, you got it!” this is stuck in my head after Day 2 of the Wheels and Finns / UK Flatland Championship contest. I blame Matti Hemmings…

The day started a little later for me today, first time have a lie in in quite a while. Matti was already down at the contest venue doing some last minute tweaks to the floor before the AM’s arrived for todays contest.
The AM contest kicked off at 2pm, 8 riders in attendance with a few riders arriving too late to complete. The format was pretty simple, two runs and your best run counted with a b10 min best trick comp after where your best trick added a maximum of 5 points to your score, this irked really well with the Am’s. Really good to see the Am’s go for stuff they normally wouldn’t in a contest.

Nice to wake up to blue skies today after yesterday’s rain, so headed down to check out the beach vibes. People surfing, paddle boarding and enjoying the beach vibes such a close distance to the contest.

Griff made the trip down from London, with his amazing homemade bike, yes you read right. Hanging nothing on his way to eighth place. James Ovens brought an old school flavour to the AM class, stoked to see him rocking a King of Concrete from 2000 on his handlebars, that blew me away. James did squeakers to bar flip backwards wheelie all the way to seventh place. Trev Lacey made the trip down from Brighton, stoked to see Trev on board a Hersey frame and styling his way through a double whiplash in his first run, 6th place for Mr Flatism.

Fifth place went to Johann Chan, nailing half hikers, spinning lawn opposite to regular side spinning lawn bar flip. Smooth styles from Johann. In fourth was arguably the most improved rider of the day, Remus Simion made a big impression on us today, multiple whiplashes clean, but a few too many touches kept him of the podium. But really close to whiplash hang 5 to cliff foot on bars, and attempting two footed forward death trucks in practise. Excited to see where Remuis takes this progression in the future.

Third place went to contest veteran, Dino Jeffers. It’s always a treat to see Dino ride, skills front and back wheel and consistent as ever. Great to see Dino on the podium, we hoe to see Dino ride in the pro class tomorrow. The top two was close, Yinka Thomas had some bike problems with his back wheel, but still nailed a nice second run. No handed hitch to steam, his signature headset grab spinning lawn. First place went to Michał Pietruszewski who won round 1 and now round 2, brakeless pinkys flowed to bar flip out, nose manual g turn spinning vadar bar flip out and a whole lot more. Stoked for Michal, Day 2 was a good day. We all caught up after the event and watched Davis Dudelis who just arrived from Latvia warm up and shut the place down. Good vibes from Joss Bay, Kent, hope you are all enjoying the day to day updates.

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