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Photos: Mike S

A few months ago, you like me probably thought the BMX masters was done, with regard to flatland! If you have ever been to the Masters you will know, that consistently each year, flatland is one if not THE best event, it runs on time and smoothly, draws a massive crowd, the riding goes off,theres a tension at this contest that can’t be explained, its a big deal if you win the Masters! Thankfully this year, Deep Bmx stepped up to the plate and took matters into their own hands! I can’t say enough good things about Deep, for me, they are already one of the best brands in flatland, in a very short time, i’ll leave it at that! Go buy a Deep product, support the riders who do make a difference to this sport we all love! Without further a due, heres a short interview I sent over to the Deep guys to see how it all went from their perspective!

Alright guys, first off, Congrats for pulling the flat comp off, you deserve a lot of respect for doing that!!!How do you feel the event went?
Exhausted! But we both think the event was a big success. We had many riders from all around the world competing in two classes. We had 60 amateur riders and 23 pro riders which is amazing when you think about how many riders cancelled their flights, and changed their travel plans.

What problems if any did you face organising the event?
To be honest we did not have too much trouble at all. We had a lot of work but no trouble. Worries like the weather were always in our mind, cause the budget was not big enough for a tent. But everything was good!

Who helped you with putting this on?
Power Balance of course cause they paid the prize money, and without them nothing would have been possible.. We cared about the contest,schedule,djs,judges,mcs,etc.

Why is it so important flatland is in an event like the bmx masters?
Cause we think it is all one, and it has to be at least one big event in the world where it comes all back together. And Flatland always has been a big deal at the Masters or Worlds, every Jugendpark Contest. That’s how it started there!

Deep is a young brand and already I think you guys are widely admired and building a great reputation for the future, the future looks great for you guys! Whats next?
We are a small brand and try to grow slowly, but healthy. We have many ideas, but all step by step. We will keep doing our stuff like we did till now.

Any thanks/shoutouts for this last weekend?
We already did our shoutouts on facebook, but it can’t be told often enough! Thanks for all the riders who showed up at the Masters, competing or just yelling from the crowd. Thanks for all the people helping us to make this such a great event. Thanks to Roman, Mike S,James Smith,Sebi from Hungary,Tom,Catfish, people at the Deep booth, Myla, Jäz, the booty call crew,Wolfgang and Dennis,the masters crew for the good food, drinks, tools and a good set up! Thanks to all! Deep BMX!!!

3 thoughts on “Deep Bmx discuss organising the Masters!!

  1. vou compra um guidão na semana que vem!!! estava na duvida entre o khe ou o deep!?
    mais sou pro lado de quem é pelo flatland!!!deep forever!!! flat is back!!!!thanks deep

  2. I will purchase a handlebar next week! was in doubt between khe or deep!?
    I am more to the side of those who are at flatland! forever deep! Flat is back!! thanks deep!!!

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