Deep bmx & Power Balance combine to bring flatland back at Masters

Early this evening I received confirmation that the flatland contest is back in the masters, thanks to deep bmx and power balance, I have spoken to the organisers and they are struggling financially, and the rest of bmx wasnt willing to fund the flatland contest to run. And also up until Deep bmx got involved no one got involved, big ups to Deep bmx, buy a t-shirt, buy a frame, or a power balance bracelet, whatever you can afford, show your support to a company that cares!!
FLATLAND is back!

After announcing that Flatland and Vert will not take place at the BMX Masters 2010, we have been receiving many messages from riders, that were showing their concerns, disappointment and understanding.
The Flatland community was very constructive with ideas and help in general. It really showed us how much they cared about Flatland being a part of the BMX Masters they made an effort to make it happen!

With the help of deepBMX and their cooperation-partner POWER BALANCE we are able to realize this years flatland at the masters. POWER BALANCE will be covering the 5.000 Euro price money for the Pro Flat. deepBMX will take care about the organization of the Flatland contest.
Feel free to check:

This gives us enough support to cover the necessary set up and cost.
Now its up to all you Flatlanders, to show some respect to all those that make this happen, be there to ride and support!

Thank you for your support and understanding!
Spielbetrieb / BMX Masters

7 thoughts on “Deep bmx & Power Balance combine to bring flatland back at Masters

  1. Its crazy to me that deep can get involved but Khe can't, am i only one wondering that?? support deep!!

  2. This is the Best news! I will surely give Deep major consideration for future purchases! Thank You Deep and Power Balance!!!!!

  3. I saw Matti and Frank at Fise, and they just got distribution in japan, things are on the up for those guys for sure! they deserve it!! great brand!!!

  4. Tbh I was a little sceptical about this. However since it's the deep boys making it happen with the organisers, then there's a big props for believing and making sheet happen.

  5. Please give the deep guys respect and courtesy for making this event happen.It's a ton of work. If things aren't perfect at the event, lend a hand to help solve the issues. Don't just complain on the net, etc. about it.

  6. Too right Bobby, I don't think anyone can knock deepbmx tho, there are the only flatland company that stepped up and offered to help, that's so awesome! I think that speaks volumes about them!

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