Denes Katona!!

Caught a glimpse of this on Denes’ myspace age the other day and have been meaning to stick this pic up for all to see, x handed nose wheelie! bonkers! Denes’ doesnt mess around!!!

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7 thoughts on “Denes Katona!!

  1. sometimes i wonder what flatland would be like without the internet, i can remember when i first started riding and literally waiting for Freestylin magazine to come out for new tricks to learn, now theres new stuff online weekly, sometimes daily, its not to often these days that a flatland photo amazes me, but this does! Denes is so underrated!
    and in reply to lee’s comment, that seems a looonggggggggggg time ago now…

  2. were a bit over saturated with online footage on the net these days, i remember waiting for each f manifesto to come out buying it and putting in the old fergerson vhs, and then sit there till the tape stopped, were spoilt now, and remember what our parents said about spoilt kids? they never appreciate anything…..

  3. photo’s and video’s get embedded in your mind very inspiring in a way i remember watching Rad t.v the Sequel video back in 1986 to me that was the ultimate in seeing the Americans just before the Holeshot comps which showcased the best riders that and the mags , nowadays the internet provides everything and brings back some rad memories for sure.

  4. the days of flatland manifesto/ronin were golden days in flatland riding, shane neville made such a positive contribution to flatland, i do believe he was just getting started as well… if he would have kept going I wonder how far his projects could have gone, and what they would have done for flatland. Getting back to this x hand nose wheelie, in this internet age, thats kinda gone underneath the radar, thats been up for a month or so…

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