Denes Katona off OG!

This just came in….big big news….Let the speculation begin, who will he ride for thats paying bills??

“Denes Katona is no longer riding for OG Bike Co. Denes asked for support that we could not fulfill so both Denes and us agreed on ending his sponsorship. We are glad that he got major international recognition under our support and we wish him many more happy years on his bike.”

7 thoughts on “Denes Katona off OG!

  1. The subtext of this is Denes wants to travel, contests I presume, who will pay for that in flatland, this is a tiny sport, answers on postcard please??

  2. some of best original and hardest riding has come from denes i hope you get what you need phil p.s how the hell do a x hand jumplash

  3. It´s a shame that flatland is at a stage that riders like Denes can´t be full time pro. One of the most progressive riders at the moment and he could do some serious damage in the competition world of todays and tomorrows flatland.

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