16 thoughts on “Denes Katona on Junglerider!

  1. nice! congrats but is this a good frame for the guy? cause i think he needs al the space for his whiplash variations.. taught the og frame was perfect for him.

  2. I’m sure Chase G would be proud of those brakeless whiplashes. I hate to voice my opinion like this, but that OG is one of the ugliest frames I’ve ever seen. I feel like low top tubes, circus bikes, and 2′ seat posts will be the death of flatland – no matter how much progression they herald in. Yes, I realize I’m being superficial…

  3. Chiming in with what john mentioned^
    I was thinking this also, but then on the other hand, Jungle rider frames do still have a relatively low Soh (stand over height)
    So overall, feet clearance shouldn’t be that much of issue for whiplashing variants. I’m thinkin also that the 19.5 version will also open up the area space between to create overall more leg/foot space!?

    Another point: Flat frames now days where the top tube height is almost below the Rear wheel axle line, generally offers so much more room for Denes’s type of tricks, than say what Chase had to contend with bitd, when frames normal Soh was in the region of 8.75″+ or well above the R axle line!

    @H00d- I couldn’t agree more with you.
    I’m not knocking anyone who feels they get on better riding a lo-slung frames. I can clearly see the huge clearance advantages it offers for flatland and the rate of progression generally specifically in Flatland!
    However, I personally find it much more exciting to see riders like Mao, James Smithy, Akira etc doing whip/jumplash type manuovers on a regular gimmick free frames, that to me (IMO) proves you have the skills to cope with it being harder than those, who only ride half the bike frame with it being less to handle!!

    Just saying!

  4. This guy was born to ride the Green Mile spot, no suprise he ends up in london! Looking forward to session-clips including him, Phil Dolan, James White. Time for bigger flatland areas? No doubt flatland would grow up! This edit is a perfect example.

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