Denes Katona – Over 8 Bar contest / Komárom Hungary

Denes Katona footage is rare these days and that’s a good thing. Always excited and appreciate seeing what this rolling god has to offer and this run from the recent Over 8 Bar contest in Komárom, Hungary is absolutely amazing and deserves your attention. Respect Denes!

11 thoughts on “Denes Katona – Over 8 Bar contest / Komárom Hungary

  1. So dope seeing new footage of his riding, that line ending in the one handed smith out was siiiiick. Contest areas really need to step their game up to allow riders with this type of long rolling style to do their thing again.

  2. I have a recurring dream where all the straight-line rolling Gods are given a long, narrow contest area and nobody is allowed to ride in circles.

    Denes Katona, Michele Maiolani, Oliver Kallai, Team Heresy, etc.

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