Denes Katona – Spring 2010

Denes Katona / Spring 2010 from og pictures on Vimeo.

It was a pleasure at Level Vibes to see rolling god, Denes Katona do his thing! This evening I posted an awesome x-hand one handed whiplash photo of Denes on the FM instagram by Andras Pentak and that made me look through some of his amazing edits. This amazing edit from Spring 2010 stood out to me, whiplash skills to pay the bills! Incredible!

12 thoughts on “Denes Katona – Spring 2010

  1. I’m confused about a couple of things. Wtf kind of frame was that?! They don’t still make those, do they? Didn’t Chase do most of these links like 10 years ago? Why are we giving shine to dudes doing other people’s shit? Was there nothing else going on in flatland in the world?
    This kid looks like he’s got some REAL skills! Next step do your own shit! Unless Chase bit all that shit from him?

    • @Jevin Kones – the frame is from OG Bike Co. There’s a lot of stuff in this edit I have never seen anyone do, so I say respect to Denes who was inspired by Chase and has continued to push the sport with his incredible rolling style and long may it continue. Everyone has to start somewhere and who better than a master like Chase.

    • fuck the originality, just have fun, and he looks like have fun with ridding. i will copy your tricks tomorrow so be worry.

  2. Denes is one of my favorite riders. He does stuff no one else even bothers to try to learn because it’s off the chart difficult.

  3. Man , THIS edit stokes me out TODAY…………….like the FIRST time I saw it back when it FIRST dropped !!!! LOVE THIS !!!!! Denes is BIKE CONTROL !!! He and MICHELE MIAOLANI need to DROP A SPLIT EDIT FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!! That would be so RAD !!!

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