Denes Katona wins BeWear Cup

The second BeWear Cup took place in Hódmezővásárhely in Hungary this weekend. Denes Kotana won pro, Oliver Kallai took the Masters win, congratulations guys! Peep the highlight video above, results below!

1st Denes Kotana
2nd M. Hajnacs
3rd David Szabo
4th Pal Varga

1st Oliver Kallai
2nd Attila Bordacs
3rd Lajos Sinko ifj
4th Gabor Csikos

1st Istvan Turi
2nd Csaba Orosz
3rd Gabor Nagy
4th Gergö Dudas

4 thoughts on “Denes Katona wins BeWear Cup

  1. Who’s the dude who dropped a couple of quite original straight rolling front wheel tricks? No handed pedal 5 guy. Cool shit!

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