Dew Tour – June 20th-23rd Ocean City MD

Instagram updates have been popping off all day about the Dew Tour! It seems the Dew Tour is back again scheduled for June 20th-23rd Ocean City, Maryland, this is more of an invite only contest sadly. And I hear names such as Terry Adams, Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, and Viki Gomez in the mix so far, and rumours it’s 6 riders only. Nevertheless, great they are including flatland in the Dew Tour again!

5 thoughts on “Dew Tour – June 20th-23rd Ocean City MD

  1. These guys are top riders, but only 6 is lame, they should have an open qualifying with 25-30 riders and take 10 for a final. Sounds more like a showcase.

  2. Not invited to Dew Tour? AMFLT Round 2 anarchy in Anderson same weekend! Check the website for details. Joe Miller and Angie have been working their tails off to make this a great event!

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