14 thoughts on “Dez Maarsen – Battle in the Rockies

  1. Glad I’m not the one judging!

    Will be interesting to see how things will be judged between insane one minute long combos (like this), vs shorter combos focused on an insane switch (like Tsutomu’s).

    Best of luck to all involved!

  2. This is absolutely going to be hard to judge! Dez you just killed it too! seriously! Some very agressive combos being dropped, loving this

  3. That video was on point, got to put him out at the one spot, letting everyone know you better bring it cause the competition is heating up. Rad Indeed.

  4. I STILL watch this RIDICULOUS combo to THIS day !!! MENTAL line-TIMES 7 that would STILL ……….H O L D ………today !!! What a CAMPEON Dez is on his BIKE !!! BANGING / HIGH-LEVEL combo !!!

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