Dez Maarsen dreamlink

Heres the word from Dez on his dreamlink, inspiring!!!

Almost 2 years ago I pulled the kickflip (referred as a pressureflip by BIg E on flatmatters)

I didn’t pull the trick after that again. I also didn’t tried to, since I thought i would be awesome to just pull this trick once as a magical thing that happened in Osaka, Japan. And since the rider that pulled the first kickflip in the link (halfhiker to halfpacker) is from Osaka and pulled it there also for the first time, it just makes the trick even cooler! Just a small history note, since a lot of riders think Kuga Hidekazu invented this trick. I can’t remember the rider his name that did, but I know I saw it for the first time in a “KOG round 2 expert class” video from 2005 and after that i saw it again in “Yellow RUM Fever” done by the same rider.

Until Thursday a week ago, I didn’t pull the trick again. Michael pushed me to start practicing it again, and since Viki is ripping it with kickflips, I can’t stay behind! The trick is coming more often, hopefully I can get it dialed for the upcoming competitions. But for now you’ll have to do it with this video! Enjoy!”

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