Dez Maarsen on Freestyle Now!


Big news in to start the week, Dez Maarsen just got a nice hook up from the Freestyle Now crew in Australia. Read below to see Dez and Paul Chamberlain had to say.

Dez Maarsen:

“Christmas came early! I’m stoked to announce that I’ll be joining the Freestyle Now squad who hooked me up with these amazing new Colony BMX parts! Big thanks to Shaun Jarivs and Paul Chamberlain for this hook up! Can’t wait to put this bike together.
Can’t believe it has been 4 years since I got this many bike parts sponsored! The products looks so amazing and everything is actually the specs as I would prefer them! Can’t wait to ride this new whip🚲💨! Official press release will follow tomorrow!”

Paul Chamberlain/Freestyle Now:
“Freestyle Now has hooked Dez up with a bunch of Colony gear and we’ll continue to support him with whatever he needs to keep going and try and help him get to some events too if it’s within our means to do so. We just want to see him do well, keep riding and keep travelling. So Dez finally has a sponsor again! I’m happy for me. It all kind of worked out pretty organically. We were just all chatting about and Jarv offered to hook him up.”

Want to know more about Freestyle Now? Head over to their site and find out more:

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