14 thoughts on “Dez Maarsen – Summer 2012

  1. This is so called new school flatland verbatim. I’d much rather see
    some original crazy tricks from him than all this blah blah blah stuff
    that Matthias and Adam Kun did years ago, and everyone does at the contests these days. I don’t feel like there is any individuality in his riding. He is way to good at this point to not have some original tricks. I think that is
    what has kept him from winning contests, and I think that is why he
    won’t win Circle of Balance.

  2. Dez stepped up his riding a ton with this edit. Still not super original but very few guys truly are… I don’t think its fair to hate on him for doing a few switches that Matthias and Adam never did in comps because of the difficulty level. If anything celebrate the fact that he has learned some of them and implemented them in his own combos…..

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