Didier Genet wins City Voice!

The City Voice went down this past weekend in Grenoble, France! Seems like a great weekend, with many events going down. Before the main contest went down, they had some Trick Challenge contests the day before, check out all the results from the contest and Trick Challenges below..

Pro results:
1) Didier Genet
2) Joris Bretagnolles
3) Quentin Pelorson
4) Jeremy Brosset
5) Kevin Jacob
6) Thomas Noyer
7) Sebastian Grubinger Jenza Kamai
9) Romain Dodelier
10) Rodolphe Clavier

Master results:
1)Barre Neiryinck
2) Olivier Trottier
3) Thomas Infantolio
4) Gilles Laurent
5) Aurelien Simille
6) Paul Deleix
7) Nicolas Pesselier Guillaume Feuz
9) Mickaël Loiodice
10) Nicolas Delaporte
11) Sebastien Usannaz

Amateur results:
1) Guillaume Ghilhot
2) Mickaël Vest
3) Stephane Bar

Trick challenge winners:
Best nose wheelie: Romain Dodelier
Best whiplash: Sebastian Grubinger
Best Spinning: Jenza Kamay
Best tricks: Sebastian Grubinger

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